The visual world and inclusion

We live in a world of increased visual imagery, yet we have record numbers of children with speech. language and communication needs. The Speech and Language UK Report in 2023 states 1.9 million children are struggling with talking and words right now. 74% of teachers surveyed in the report, believe that children will struggle to some degree post pandemic (COVID-19). The Visual World and Inclusion Project by Stewart Cowie in association with TeamADL aims to bridge that gap using photo voice with children. We want children to be heard, we want children to have a voice. So, we need to be intentional in giving them a voice.

Our combined creativity has led us to create a KS1 Photography Pack for 5-7 year olds.  The aim is simple to extend oracy in the classroom, through observation, questioning and imagining.  Our starting premise was simply two questions:

  • How can we use visual imagery to extend learning, critical thinking and learners' ability to challenge and question?
  • How can photography connect the past, the present and children's futures?

You can download a sample pack from the #TeamADL eStore (click button below).

  Our aim is to release the full curriculum packs in October 2023.