Inclusion Ville

A place where SENCOs and SEND Leaders learn to thrive

Why? When we thrive, we enable others (including children, young people and families) to do the same.

thrive /θrʌɪv/ verb

  • grow or develop well or vigorously

  • prosper; flourish

Invest in transformation. Welcome to Inclusion Ville.

Leadership Letters 2023-24 by Dr Anita Devi to support leaders grow in efficacy 

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Anita and jenny are more than happy to deliver enabling sessions on different dimensions of wellbeing (online / face to face)



Established in 2018, now led by Jenny, this monthly blog provides on-going food for thought and development challenges


Levean Leadership

Leaven is any agent used to make dough rise. In this year long series of letters, Anita explores how you make others rise through your leadership

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